Do you have a procurement plan?

The plethora of choices and options from competing resellers and vendors can be difficult to navigate when making purchases for your business. Sometimes a bit of inside knowledge or assistance makes all the difference when making the best choice for your business.

Software Applications 

Nowadays businesses rely more and more on software applications to run their operations. Whether it is an ERP solution or a mobile app, there are many pathways and choices available. You also need to consider if an off-the-shelf application best suits your needs, or if perhaps you should engage a firm for custom software application development. Understanding how software companies position themselves in the market will assist your decision-making process.


Telecommunications management for organisations can quickly become very complex or even out of control. The use of mobile phones and devices with embedded SIM cards adds accumulative costs and confusion. Adding to this is the emerging use of software applications for internal communication and collaboration, instant messaging (IM) and even soft-phones. It is essential to take control and manage the rollout of these resources so that they align with your business requirements.

Information Technology equipment

Cloud and hybrid-cloud are now viable alternatives to the traditional on-premise implementation when upgrading your IT equipment. This now readily changes the purchasing model decision to OPEX over CAPEX for your major infrastructure requirements. We can offer assistance with helping align your business strategies to these significant purchases.



Plant & Equipment

Competing resellers and vendors can easily muddy the decision-making process. These significant purchases and how they are structured can affect your business's viability. It's important to align these major purchases with your business needs, model and strategy.

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