Do you have the right people, in the right position?

The success of your business is directly aligned with the people you employ and how well they perform. Plus Sum can assist with restructuring your workforce or improving output. 

Workforce restructure

The makeup of your teams and who you appoint to leadership positions affects how your business runs.
It may be necessary to review roles and responsibilities in line with strategic planning, performance management, or as a response to the rapid rate of change and innovation occurring in today's work environment.

Redundancies and terminations

The Fair Work Act imposes duties upon employers in regards to terminating employment due to redundancy. To avoid being considered as an unfair dismissal rather than a genuine redundancy, your process must meet tests in regards to the reason, consultation, and options to redeploy. We can assist you during this process, including the actual termination interview.

Performance Management

Knowing what to measure, report, and how to manage your staff is extremely important to your businesses productivity. We can assist with making Key performance indicators (KPIs) a critical part of your performance management program.

Succession planning

Not only do you need the right people in the right positions in your business, you must also be planning for future changes. In today's transient work culture, you must safeguard your business by identifying future leaders and contingencies in regards to the possibility of losing important members of staff. 

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