Graeme Courtney

Graeme Courtney founded Plus Sum to meet the needs of businesses
to improve their operations management. Graeme has developed a wide range of experience and skills after working in the building and construction industry, including as a business owner and a consultant, and then as COO and later CEO for an information technology company providing professional services for both infrastructure integration and software development. Studies in law and commerce also provide a broader management focus.


Plus Sum

In game theory, plus-sum (or positive-sum) outcomes are those in which a combined net gain is derived for all the parties involved in a transaction. This win-win solution is in contrast to the traditional zero-sum result where parties compete to divide up the pie. Plus sum solutions grow the size of the pie so that all those involved agree to an exchange that they believe delivers them what they want or need. At Plus Sum we look to grow the pie for your business as a result of helping you deliver changes to your operations management. We believe our experience and expertise will assist your business to reach its strategic goals.